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In Ghana, about 250,000 youth join the labour force annually; over 30% of this population have tertiary education. This makes over 70,000 graduates per annum joining the labour force. Out of this figure, only about 5,000 are employed by the formal sector; whilst the rest survive in the informal sector or remain unemployed.

Attempts to promote the growth of SME’s to absorb labour have not yielded the desired result due to several factors including high interest rates, weak and unreliable infrastructure, capacity of the Ghanaian economy to create sustainable jobs, etc.

The educational system continues to produce graduates whose training and aspirations do not match the requirements of modern industry.

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Unemployed Graduates To Be Equipped With Business-Focussed Skills

Government, as part of moves to tackle the high graduate unemployment situation in the country, yesterday launched a comprehensive plan to help unemployed graduates start their own businesses.

The Graduate Business Support Scheme (GEBSS) is expected to build a generation of graduate business owners in Ghana who can see and seize opportunities to create wealth and prosperity for themselves and the ...Read more

Govt Launches Initiative To Solve Graduate Employment

The government, in partnership with the private sector, has launched a significant initiative sector, has launched a significant initiative with the target to equip 10,000 university graduates with business-focused skills and the requisite professional exposure to enable them to start their own businesses.

Christened: Graduate Business Support Scheme (GEBSS), the four-tier initiative intends to ...Read more

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